Hannu Olavi Lukkarinnen (Finland)

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Hannu Olavi Lukkarinnen (Finland) 

Hannu Olavi Lukkarinnen studied at a college of fine arts in Helsinki and Budapest from 1970 to 1974, laying a solid foundation for hiscareer as a comic artist in Finland. Lukkarinnen is good at drawing comics on history and literature, which are characterised by a strong individual style of black-and-white realism. In his opinion, news and the publishing industry should not merely rely on illustrations; instead, stories can be used to enrich content. From 1990, he set about illustrating world classic works and those who have cooperated with him including writers Grisefoth Nicholas and Ruusuvuori Juha.


During the early 20th century, his works were introduced to France, Italy and Germany, arousing great response. Hannu Olavi Lukkarinnen is honoured as one of the famous contemporary comic artists in Europe.

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