Emmanuel Lepage (France)

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Emmanuel Lepage

Emmanuel Lepage published his first comics drawing in the daily newspaper L’Ouest-France at the age of 16. He gained fame in the French comic circle at 21. Emmanuel Lepage is good at drawing scenery and biographies using watercolour. He has visited every nation and region which he intends to draw for. Thus, Emmanuel Lepage is called “Inspector Prince.”


His attitude has earned him wide recognition of insiders. His La Terre sans Mal (1994) won several prizes, including the Grand Prize of Festival of Sierre, the Elephant Award at Chambery International Comic Book Festival and Prize of the Ecumenical Jury. The work was nominated as “Best Album” of “Alpha Art” in Angoulême in 2000. In 2000, he set about writing the screenplay for Muchacho (Road of Revolution). It received several honours, including the Best Album Prize at the Festival of Solliesville 2004, the Elephant Award of the Best Album at Chambery International Comic Book Festival 2004, Cheverny Prize for Historical Comic Strip 2004 and Prize of Best Comic Strip Adaptable to Cinema during the Monaco International Film Festival 2007. Muchacho was also adapted in European and Latin American countries. In 2013, Muchacho was published and issued in China by the Shanghai Joint Publishing Press. His A Spring of Chernobyl published by Shanghai Joint Publishing Press became popular among Chinese readers.

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