Stephano Casini (Italy)

2016-04-29 17:44

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Stephano Casini (Italy) 

Comics artist Stéfano Casini has made remarkable achievements. He is talented in creating science fiction works using accurate wording and plots with an elegant style. By designing plots, he tells complicated psychological states in a natural way. Casini had many of his works published in France, and cooperated with Sergio Bonelli Publishing Press to publish a series of science fiction books: Nathan Never.


Stéfano Casini is also a playwright. In 1999, an American press published his work Démon Intérieur. In 2001, the first volume of Caleb was published by Semic Press. Later, his Moonlight Blues (2004) and Hasta la Victoria (2005) made him renowned throughout Europe. Moonlight Blues published by the Mosquito Publishing Press, earned him plenty of praise and rendered him a warm welcome in Europe. 

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