Diego Horacio Coglitore (Argentina)

2016-04-29 17:42 charmingbeijing.com

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Diego Horacio Coglitore (Argentina) 

Since 1993, Diego Horacio Coglitore (Jok) has been engaged in writing and comic drawing. He founded and is part of La Productora, a collective dedicated to making, self-publishing, promoting and teaching comics in Argentina. Jok illustrated the Strangeways series of horror westerns with his colleagues in La Productora and published it through Highway 62. For the US market, Jok also created art for Vampires and Cells, an all ages’ science book part of Science and Monsters. This collection was entirely done by La Productora’s artists for Capstone Press. His works have been published in Italy, France, Spain, England, Canada, Brazil and Uruguay.



Jok also devotes his time to various creator owned projects. One of La Productora´s book Carne Argentina (about the Argentinian crisis at the end of 2001) was reprinted in Argentina and published in Spain, France and Brazil. Jok still works side by side with his comrades trying to attain a fan base as possible sharing work, projects and dreams with his colleagues and friends.

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