Thierry Martinet (France)

2016-04-29 17:41

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Thierry Martinet (France) 

Thierry-Henri Martinet was a local household comics artist before taking the post of vice-mayor of Bellegarde City. He excels at realistic comics on mechanic creations like planes and trains. He also likes drawing large-scale comic on facades of buildings. During his tenure, he was in charge of cultural development of Bellegarde and cultural communications and cooperation with other countries and regions while continuing marking in comics.

Martinet and the director of the Cultural Bureau of Bellegarde initiated the Ain International Comic Festival, influential in the Rhone-Alpes Region which has been held for 18 years. In 2013, the festival invited 10 Chinese comic artists to participate and a large exhibition featuring Chinese comic works was held. Chinese comics exerted a great influence on the region.

Martinet retired in 2015 and became a full-time comic artist afterward. He created comic strips to decorate the city. Huge comics by Martinet can be seen on facades in the city. Martinet is currently drawing a comic book on the French Air Force.  

责任编辑:Sun Chi(QN0019)